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Company B, Indiana 20th Infantry Honor Guard

06/30/2013 10:47 PM -

The members of Company B - 20th Indiana Infantry "Civil War" will act as the color guard for at the U.S. Military All-Star Game on July 1st.

John Wheeler, Colonel of Company B of the 20th Indiana Infantry (1825-1863) from Crown Point, Indiana in 1861 organized and raised the funds that lead to the creation of Company B.  Wheeler led his volunteer regiment into several battles, but the most notable was the Battle of Gettysburg July 1- 3, 1863 where he was killed in battle along with more than 7,000 other troops from both sides. The battle of Gettysburg was the turning point of the Civil War. 

Today July 1, 2013 marks the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg.   The men of Company B of the 20th Indiana Infantry Living History Group will again return to Gettysburg this week and participate in reenactment ceremonies on the same hallowed ground where their forebears once helped to preserve the Union!  

These Volunteers are part of a non-profit organization that preserves the living history of this great Company of Men and they need our help with raising funds to make their return to Gettysburg.  Any amount of donations to assist them will be welcomed.    

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