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City of Whiting to Hold 95th Year of Fourth of July Parade

06/28/2014 9:26 AM -

Whiting, which started as a small city in Indiana in 1889, is celebrating 125 years as a city in the whole year of 2014.

Throughout the summer from July 3 through August 13, Whiting has all different types of events lined up for all age groups and areas of interest to celebrate the 125 years.

The Fourth of July Parade that will take place in historic downtown Whiting on 119th Street will start at 10 a.m.

Businesses and restaurants in Whiting plan to participate in the parade to advertise and show what services they provide to the city of Whiting and for people coming in from out of town for things to do.

Oilman Stan, Mr. Pierogi and Mickey and Minnie Mouse will be walking in the parade to provide entertainment for the kids and get to interact with the kids so the kids have fun.

Mayor Joe Stahura will be walking in the parade for the 11th time as Stahura has been the Mayor of Whiting for 10 years.

Oilman Stan will be representing the Northwest Indiana Oilmen. The Oilmen play their home games at Oil City Stadium in Whiting. The team mainly consists of players from Northwest Indiana and some from different states.

Mr. Pierogi will be walking around promoting the Pierogi Fest that takes place every year. This year, the Pierogi Fest takes place July 25, 26, and 27 and will be all the way down 119th Street.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse from Disneyland will be walking in the parade to interact with the children; either taking pictures with them or running around with them.