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Special Brew for Upcoming Season

05/13/2013 12:33 PM -

With all of the excitement surrounding the upcoming season, Bulldog Brewery in Whiting has created a special recipe for fans to enjoy this summer at Oil City Stadium at Standard Diamonds Park. Bulldog has named its new creation “Standard Diamond Ale” to honor the history of the area, the park, and its partnership with the Oilmen.

Being a steelworker himself, Bulldog Brewmaster Kevin Clark reflects the blue collar attitude Whiting was built on, and he can’t wait to unveil this new flavor. “Standard Diamond Ale has a cream ale pilsner taste that fans will love. It is similar to some of the major light beers but with a cream ale flavor.” Clark suggests that their Standard Diamonds Ale will be similar to Downtime Wheat and some of their lighter seasonal beers. He also hints that he is concocting an even more exclusive drink for the Oilmen, potentially a black lager or ale that will be branded with the Oilmen name. He even mentioned a fruit beer in the making, giving insight of a strawberry wheat beer.

This is not the first time the Oilmen and Bulldog teamed up. Last season, the Oilmen featured Bulldog’s beer, but it was limited to only one flavor at a time. During the upcoming season, Bulldog has taken over a majority of the draught taps at the stadium, and will be offering their Standard Diamonds Ale for 50₵ on Tasty Tuesday nights. “The partnership has been a lot of fun,” said Clark. “Last year the Oilmen were growing and we were growing too. We were both sort of in our first years of operation but were starting to learn our trades. There seems to be a lot of interest building at the start of this season. This one will be even bigger and better than last year. I can’t imagine what the season after this will bring.”

Bulldog Brewery owners Bob Fausto, Jeff Kochis, and Kevin Clark proudly involve their business with the local community striving to serve higher quality food and drinks since opening in 2011. For more information, visit them at